Exciting Times at The Nottinghamshire

Exciting Times at The Nottinghamshire

February 20, 2018 5:17 pm

We are delighted to share our intended plans for the forthcoming complex development, which is now well underway.

Our existing putting green has always had it’s issue due to the unevenness, it has now been dug up and the turf relocated to a secure area of the course until we prepare the area of the old white and yellow tees where the new putting green is to be laid.

The destination for the new Putting Green is in front of the Clubhouse where The Championship Course 1st tee was. Our aim is to create a social space to enjoy for all and provide a great space to practise pre round.

The 1st Hole of The Championship Course is to become a par 4, where the white medal tee will be roughly around the spot where the Ladies red tee was previously situated. The new Ladies tee will be built on the other side of the exisiting path.  We are filling in the first ditch and taking back some of the hedge row on either side of the fairway to give players the chance to get far enough down this fairway to then get to the green.

The 4th Hole of The Championship Course becomes a par 5 to counter balance the shot lost on the 1st. This hole has been playing to around 2 shots higher than its par 4 which is deemed to be too hard!  The Match and Handicap secretary will provide new and appropriate indexes for both holes.

Our Greenkeepers are working hard on both new tee complexes and we are hopeful be ready for the start of the season, weather permitting of course.

As many of you have already experienced in the past 6 years, there is short term pain for the longer term gain so thank you in advance for your patience and understanding whilst the work gets done over the coming weeks.

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