The Nottinghamshire win Ladies Section of the Year!

The Nottinghamshire win Ladies Section of the Year!

November 28, 2018 1:28 pm

Huge Congratulations to The Nottinghamshire Golf Club Ladies Section! 

They have been named as winners in the Women & Golf Magazine’s National competition.

Here’s a few reasons why they won…

“We are a very friendly and competitive club that caters for all golf standards. We encourage new members to join in and enjoy improving their game. Our committee are very dedicated and do a marvellous voluntary job for our lady members. So pleased I joined last year!”

“Our ladies section is large, welcoming and diverse with golfers of all ages and abilities, the section caters for all levels of golf with many competitions catering for all. It is fun to be a member of this club and ladies section.”

“We have a large ladies section which is the largest in the county. We encourage younger players and have a great social aspect to our section. Every year we raise over £1,000 for the nominated charity and we want to continue the growth of the section.”

“Fantastic ladies section, very welcoming and supportive. Good standard of golf which encourages everyone to play well. Lots of new friends made since joining the ladies section.”

They win Surprizeshop goodies plus a years free subscription for the Golf Club to Women and Golf magazine.

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