Ultimate Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Make Your Big Day Unforgettable!

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Posted on: 18/12/2023

We all want our wedding day to be special and memorable, and of course, it should be. It’s an opportunity for your friends and family to come together and celebrate a special couple.

But how can you make it a talking point for years to come? At The Nottinghamshire, we believe the answer is to put on magical day and night that no one will ever forget.

Often, this comes down to the entertainment you provide.

Wedding receptions are the point in your wedding day where you and your guests can let your hair down, as well as for you to have some fun with your loved ones. Fitting with your wedding theme, as well as your and your partner’s personality, choosing the entertainment can be a big task.

The good news is, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve pulled together some of the most popular and best wedding entertainment ideas (and some unique ideas to spark inspiration) to provide some food for thought.


Why not turn your guests into cartoon versions of themselves?

With a caricaturist, you can create an exciting atmosphere, with guests amazed and full of laughter at their final drawing. What’s more, guests can take their pictures home, which doubles up as a great wedding favour that lasts forever.

Often positioned slightly away from the dance floor, (helping to avoid the commotion) this is a unique and easy-going activity to get the laughter going.


Working the tables and moving around your guests, a magician can add a dash of mystery, keep everyone engaged, amaze your guests with top tricks, and, if kids are in attendance, keep them amused and amazed.

Magicians are also a great way to facilitate rapport between wedding guests that might not know each other and spark some lively banter.

Cigar lounge

Is it possible to have a separate area/location you could use as a cigar lounge? A cigar lounge adds a touch of sophistication and luxury and makes for a uniquely sociable experience for your guests, offering them a chance to unwind in a relaxing environment while you socialise with them.

Add some lively games into the lounge – prosecco/beer pong is a game everyone likes to participate in and can bring guests together!

Photo booth

A timeless addition to any wedding, photo booths are fun, silly, and create lasting memories that you your guests can keep forever. These photos can often be personalised with your wedding date and names, and you can include props that match your wedding theme and style.


Placing tables around your reception with professional dealers can add an air of excitement and fun, while also being a unique wedding entertainment idea that will get the guests excited.

What’s more, you can add customised poker chips with your wedding date inscribed on them – another cute and customised wedding favour to remember your day by!

Lawn games

Always a popular choice within our Nottingham wedding package; lawn games on our lush fairways create fun and healthy competition among your guests, get everyone talking, mingling, and create a great atmosphere all round.


If you love to dance, why not call for a dance-off between your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Everyone will certainly have their cameras at the ready for this exciting and fun evening entertainment.

A live DJ

Keeping the energy high and your guests going throughout the evening, a DJ is practically a must-have at every wedding, as they can customise the music to meet your musical tastes, personalising the experience as well as helping to keep timings on track.

Live band

Bringing the vibes of a live concert, hiring a live band creates an engaging experience for you and your guests, particularly if you choose a band you admire. Be it jazz, indie, rock, or pop, ensure that the chosen band can perform all your favourite songs.


Elegant and classy, a pianist can provide the background music for cocktail hour, play your favourite romantic first dance song, and fill the silence while you’re having pictures taken.

Silent disco

Gaining traction in popularity, silent discos provide an unparalleled party experience that will remain etched in memory of all your guests. As they are interactive, attendees have the freedom to select music that resonates with their preferences and adjust the volume to their liking.

Silent discos are particularly beneficial for neurodivergent weddings as they provide a sensory-friendly environment. Guests have the freedom to control their music and adjust volume levels, offering a personalised experience that caters to their sensory preferences.

This flexibility can reduce sensory overload and create a more inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees.


Karaoke is a fantastic choice for wedding entertainment, especially after a few drinks, as it brings out the fun-loving spirit in everyone. With inhibitions lowered, guests are more likely to embrace the opportunity to sing their hearts out and showcase their hidden talents.

It adds a playful and interactive element to the celebration, creating unforgettable memories and bonding experiences for all involved. Karaoke also works as a budget-friendly option for entertainment!

Firework display

Why not end your day with a bang and light up the night sky with a professional firework display that takes your and your guests’ breath away?

While these are sure to provide incredible photo opportunities, please always check with your wedding venue that this type of entertainment is allowed, and always work with a professional team!

A round of golf

If your wedding is on a golf course, a game of gold provides a fun pre-ceremony activity, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy each other’s company amidst the tranquil greenery. It sets a leisurely tone for the day ahead while adding a touch of sophistication to the festivities.

Choose The Nottinghamshire to host an unforgettable wedding

Wedding entertainment has evolved significantly over the years as couples become more creative and bring innovative ideas to wedding venues.

Depending on your budget, you could opt for one or more of the entertainment ideas mentioned above as you look to keep your guests engaged.

The aim is to find the right entertainment for you. Entertainment that you will also enjoy, that fits with your theme, and that creates memories that last a lifetime.

Here at The Nottinghamshire, we host weddings that guests will talk about for years.

For further information on availability at The Nottinghamshire contact us and a member of our wedding team will be happy to help. Find out more about the amenities at our venue by downloading our brochure.

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