On Course Dress Code

All Members and Guests must ensure that they are wearing the appropriate golfing attire whilst on the golf course.

Please follow our list of what is expected from you on the golf courses below

No Denim Jeans

No Trainers

No Collarless (non golfing) t – shirts

No Football Socks

No Cargo Shorts

dress code

Shirts to be tucked in at all times when on the course

Please do not be offended when you are asked to leave the golf course, if you do not follow our dress code.

On Course Etiquette

The Nottinghamshire is an advocate of Ready Golf, all players, members, guests & visitors are expected to follow the guidelines set our by the R&A which include:

  • Hitting a tee shot or a fairway shot, if the person with the honour is not ready to play.
  • Shorter hitters to play first from the tee or fairway if longer hitter has to wait.
  • Playing your shot first before helping another player look for their ball.
  • Putting: Be ready to putt when it is your turn, putt out rather than marking ball. Give consideration to others putting line.
  • Leave trolley/buggies at your exit from the green.
  • Mark scores after you leave the green or while you are waiting to play on the next tee.
  • Proceed with Health & Safety in mind at all times.

Lost Ball

If a player believes his ball may be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, he should play a provisional ball.

Players searching for a ball should signal the players in the group behind them to play through as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found. Having allowed the group behind to play through, they should not continue play until that group has passed and is out of range.

You may wish to refer to the R&A’s overview on PACE OF PLAY and Ready Golf by clicking here.

It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If you lose a clear hole you must invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group. The term “group” includes a single player.

Care on the Course

We kindly request all players take the time to:

Replace all divots

Repair all pitch marks

Rake the Bunker, the rake MUST be left in the bunker

No practice swings allowed on the tees

Keep to all paths and walkways