5 Day Membership

5 Day Memberships come with the option of either 1 or 3 year contracts, the 3 year contract offers a substantial saving of over £300 compared to the 1 year. Direct Debit payments are also available on both options.

Benefits of becoming a 5 day Member

  • 14 days in advance booking window for tee times either online or on the phone
  • Qualifying competitions both midweek & weekends 12 months a year
  • Unlimited rounds of golf on both the Open & Masters Courses
  • 10% of Food & Drink purchased in the Clubhouse
  • No temporary greens ever used
  • Discounted rates for bringing guests
  • Discounted rates on golf buggies
  • FREE Golf Insurance

The cost of the 5 Day Membership is from £894.09

You can download our Membership Brochure simply by filling in the form below.