Real Weddings at The Nottinghamshire: Amy & Will

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Posted on: 05/01/2024

We are very excited to share our interview with Amy & Will on their experience of planning and hosting their wedding here at our Nottingham wedding venue.

On their big day, the couple made full use of all thirty of our onsite, individually designed hotel rooms in The Residence Hotel to accommodate their family and friends and created a uniquely personal experience for all involved.

They collaborated with our events team, who thoroughly enjoyed working with the couple to bring their dream Wedding to life.

“If anyone is thinking of having their Wedding here, 100% do it! It was glorious!”

Read or watch their interview below!

Why did you choose The Nottinghamshire wedding venue?

Finding a venue that could accommodate our guest list was a big priority for us. We needed a space with enough capacity for everyone, and The Nottinghamshire easily fit the bill!

We loved that the venue has beautiful on-site accommodations, which made everything incredibly convenient. Plus, it was all in one location – so the celebrations felt extra intimate.

The layout has three main areas; a dedicated ceremony room, a reception space, and connecting a bar area, so it was exactly what we were looking for. It felt intimate and kept everyone together throughout the celebration.

What’s your favourite thing about the venue?

Honestly, it’s hard to pick just one favourite thing! But what really stood out for us was how versatile the space is.

The decor has a neutral vibe, so we could totally bring in our own colour scheme and personalise everything. It felt like a canvas that we could transform to match our vision. Plus, the venue itself is beautiful and perfectly fit what we needed.

Also, the staff was incredible. They were super attentive, always checking in on us and making sure everything ran smoothly. It felt like they knew exactly what we needed before we even asked.

You can often spot Emma in the background of our photos, always there to lend a hand!

Why did you choose to have your wedding in Nottingham?

Nottingham holds a special place in our hearts! We met at Nottingham Trent University, so the city feels like a big part of our story.

The Nottinghamshire was perfect – it ticked all the boxes! We also needed a space that could accommodate all our family and friends (let’s just say we may have filled up every room in the hotel!), and The Nottinghamshire’s size was just right.

What would you say to anyone considering The Nottinghamshire for their wedding?

For couples seeking a truly unforgettable wedding experience, we 100% recommend The Nottinghamshire. Our wedding day there was glorious. Looking back, it feels like we couldn’t have designed a more perfect celebration.

The venue offered incredible flexibility, allowing us to personalise every detail and truly make the day our own. The staff was incredibly accommodating, readily incorporating our unique touches throughout the entire event.

We had a wedding that felt entirely unique and special to us, unlike any other that we have attended. If you’re looking for a flawless and beautiful wedding venue, The Nottinghamshire is the perfect choice.

If, like Amy & Will, you’re looking for a stunning Wedding Venue in Nottinghamshire, enquire with us today and get started on your wedding journey at The Nottinghamshire.

In the meantime, download our brochure and explore our exciting wedding day options.

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