Setting the perfect wedding date

Set a perfect wedding date
Posted by: RachelHenson
Posted on: 23/08/2023

“When is the wedding?” is the first question that friends and family ask you as soon as you’re engaged.

However, not only are you still in your engagement bubble, but trying to pick a date that appeases everyone…well, that’s a different story altogether.

In fact, picking a date that both you and your partner agree on and a date that keeps those important family members and close friends happy can be one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning.

The pressure and the feeling of guilt to make sure you include everyone and everyone is happy can be quite overwhelming.

So we’re going to stop right there and help.

Below we look at the various factors to consider when choosing the perfect wedding date, and of course, to find out date availability at The Nottinghamshire, head over to our page for further details.

Set a perfect wedding date

How to set a wedding date

We recommend starting with a schedule outlining how much time you need to plan your wedding and work your dates around your schedule. From our own experience and reports, the average engagement is approximately 12-18 months, so it’s time to get planning.

This means:

Working with your chosen venue

Some may say that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding date, and in some instances, this is true.

Especially when the perfect venue comes into play.

For example, your wedding date will often be determined by your chosen venue’s availability – especially if you have your heart set on a particular place or location.

If you’ve found your perfect wedding venue in Nottingham, speak to your wedding planner about availability and select dates as soon as possible. The more flexible you are, the easier it can be on your planning.

Knowing your budget

Budgets can play a big role in your decision-making, so it’s vital to have this outlined and known from the start.

This will help to determine whether you look at peak or off-peak wedding season prices, and we recommend asking if there is a pricing difference at certain times of the day.

Different days and times of the year impact pricing, so it’s vital to know your budget and gauge different peak and off-peak prices for small wedding venues in Nottingham.

Thinking about seasons

Winter weddings typically occur between December and March and can often be unique and special in their own right. There is also a chance of off-peak pricing during these months, making it a great season for intimate and large celebrations.

Spring weddings – between March and June. Spring is a popular month for a wedding as we see longer days, fresh buds on trees, beautiful pastel colours, and a higher opportunity for good weather for those all-important outdoor pictures. Garden weddings are always a popular choice at this time of year.

Summer weddings – run from June to September and can offer the happy couple good weather, and as you approach the holiday season, more people have time off, and the schools will also be out for summer. However, competition for summer wedding dates can be fierce; hence venues are always booked out years in advance. This is where weekday weddings have grown in popularity and fast become the summer wedding compromise.

Fall weddings – September through to December, in Fall the weather is cooler, the foliage changes to the beautiful autumnal colours, you can introduce seasonal foods (which always go down a treat), and it is still fine enough for outdoor weddings.

Do you have a particular date?

Do you have a special date in mind, such as an anniversary or celebration of someone close to you? Or are you completely flexible?

Dates can often be very symbolic to a couple, providing extra meaning and romance to your special day.

When you look to pick a wedding date, there’s also tradition and folklore, for example:

The dates 7th and 11th are lucky in American culture. The 8th is seen as lucky in Chinese cultures as it sounds similar to wealth.

The 1st of any month symbolises unity and new beginnings, and the 2nd reflects partnership.

The Ancient Egyptians believe that the 4th is a symbol of power and protection, whereas the Greeks believe marriage during a full moon brings people prosperity and happiness.

The 5th of any month is all about adventure and energy, and of course, Friday the 13th is always a fun date for couples.

However, being stuck on a date can also limit your choice of venues, so it may be worth going in with an open mind.

What else is happening?

When looking to choose a wedding date, it’s essential that you research other local events that may be happening at the same time. Ideally, you want to avoid clashing, for example, with a major sporting event if hotels are going to be fully booked out for your guests, prices are higher as a result, etc.

Your chosen wedding venue will be able to help you with this information and provide details of key dates to be aware of.

The perfect wedding date

At The Nottinghamshire, every date is a good wedding day as we strive to make your day as special as the happy couple.

Call us today on 0115 933 3344 to find out how we can help you choose a wedding date to suit your requirements.

With your venue and your perfect season locked in, the rest will fall into place.

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