Tips to Keep Your Wedding on Budget

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Posted on: 24/11/2023

Getting married should be one of the most exciting days of your and your partner’s lives.

Whether you opt for a beach ceremony with close friends and family or a luxurious golf-themed reception on our putting greens surrounded by beautiful, landscaped gardens, package wedding venues can offer it all.

And you can have it all…

…at a price.

In this post, we take a look at setting a wedding budget, why it’s important, areas where you can save money, and how to keep your wedding budget on track.

Tips to keep your wedding on budget

Do your research

When you begin to speak to venues, florists, caterers, etc, you need to find out exactly what you’re getting for your money.

For example, with venue hire, does this also include table linens and chair covers? Do they have their own suppliers, or will you have to bring in your own? Do they have buying power and bigger discounts if you use suppliers associated with the venue? Is catering available and an event team/staff to work on the day/evening of your wedding?

Knowing precisely what is included can help you establish where you will incur potential additional costs or secure a bargain with other elements already included.


Could you have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location? This would cut down on travel costs considerably and avoid the additional costs of paying for two site fees. It also improves accessibility for your guests too.

In addition, when it comes to location, depending on your style and dream wedding, locations such as golf course wedding venues and beach-style weddings will require very little further decor as the scenery for these venues provides it all.

Time of year

You may have a certain time of year in mind when you would like to tie the knot; however, did you know that rates differ at certain times of the year? And it may be worth speaking with venues to see what these discounted months are. (You will often find June to be much more expensive than January, for example).

There may also be a reduced rate depending on the actual day you want to get married, too, with many couples now opting for mid-week weddings to celebrate their day.

Stay Organised

Staying organised when there is so much to think about is sometimes easier said than done when planning a wedding. However, to stay on budget and on track it is vital.

Planning a wedding on a budget means writing everything down and keeping a very close eye on your expenditure. Work out your budget and how much you have to spend and itemise the essentials as you go.

Doing this lets you plan out your `must-haves` and non-negotiables and see where you could potentially make savings in other areas.

Don’t impulse buy

This might be hard. We know. There are some incredible wedding pieces that you can include and bring into your special day, but stop. Ask yourself, do you really need it? Is it on your `must-have` list? Will it even fit with your theme or style?

What are the most important things to you? What areas or items do you absolutely want to spend your money on?

Limit your numbers

It’s essential that you and your partner sit down and work on your guest list together.

Who do you want to include in your day? Are family or friends contributing to the wedding in any way, so must be included in your headcount?

Get creative

One of our top-budget wedding tips is getting creative. For example, are you a designer who could design your own wedding stationery? Could you go digital for your wedding invites and avoid print costs?

Could you make use of the venue’s supplies? What about making your own bouquets/floral arrangements? Quirky favours or table settings?

Wedding elements to consider

  • Cake
  • Drinks
  • Flowers
  • Lighting
  • Décor
  • Suits
  • Dress
  • Marriage licence
  • Officiant
  • Photography
  • Stationery
  • Wedding venue
  • Wedding bands.

Wedding Packages Nottinghamshire

Remember, a wedding is about you and your partner, and you shouldn’t lose sight of what truly matters.

These wedding budget tips are only the start. You and your partner must think about what you want and what your dream is, and from this point, start to look at how you can make your dream a reality.

Trust us; you can make your wedding one of the most memorable days of your life without it costing the earth.

For a setting that is contemporary and timeless, with sweeping views of a lush golf course and stylish reception rooms to dance the night away, weddings at The Nottinghamshire are certainly something special.

Contact our wedding planning team today for further information on 0115 933 3344 /

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