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You have your budget set and a rough idea of numbers. Now is the exciting part – compiling a list of your favourite wedding venues.

Today, no wedding is, or has to be, the same; there is a place that can suit everyone’s taste, style, and dream.

The options for different types of wedding venues are endless.

Helping you to compile a list or even pick a venue that suits your style, vision, and dream for your big day, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of wedding venues you can choose from (including wedding packages Nottinghamshire), as well as some of their pros and cons.

Different Types of Wedding Venues

Beach – dreaming of escaping it all and feeling the sand beneath your feet and the waves crashing in the distance as you say `I do`? With a beach wedding, you can achieve just that. What’s more, due to the beach location, you won’t need a large amount of additional decor. However, beware of the wind and potential rain and how expensive beach weddings can be for your guests who might have to travel.

Garden – spring is the most wonderful season for a garden wedding. You can guarantee your photos will be incredible where flowers are in full bloom. Garden weddings are increasing in popularity and you can save on decorative florals; however, bear in mind those who suffer from allergies! Garden weddings are typically restricted to guest lists of 500 and under.

Golf Course – unique, exquisite, luxurious – golf course wedding venues offer it all. With a range of facilities to meet various requirements, you can also include rounds of golf for your wedding party, pictures taken with stunning backdrops, drinks on the 19th hole, and so much more. From the manicured grass, golf cart pictures, and large indoor facilities for your reception, make sure to ask about group rates and possible discounts for your guests.

Community venues – a great cost-effective option, with community venues available for multipurpose events. You may have to rent furniture, so it is always worth bearing this in mind; however, it is also a blank canvas, allowing you to style and create the look and feel you want. (Check out our blog on `tips to keep your wedding on a budget` for more wedding-saving ideas).

Cruise/Yacht – you have two options with this wedding venue type. For example, you could get married before and simply have the reception and a mini-moon on the yacht, or you can get married on the cruise ship, with a reception afterward. The choice is yours and, of course, may depend on your budget. Often suited to smaller, more intimate wedding ceremonies with smaller guest list numbers. Think sunset ceremonies on the water and panoramic views – however, be aware of your guests who struggle with sea sickness.

Stately homes – provide the perfect backdrop for your pictures. We recommend that you check what facilities you and your guests can use, as certain areas can be off-limits. The bonus of stately homes is the privacy you are guaranteed as well as the freedom. However, please be aware some homes will have `house rules.`

Farm/Barn – Rural and rustic settings are becoming increasingly popular for couples looking for something edgy, almost boho. When considering package wedding venues, please consider bathroom facilities and dirt in farm and barn situations. However, with starry skies and often on-site accommodation, farms and barns can be great for large families, children, and pets!

Hotels – often thought of as a one-stop shop, hotels as wedding venues can often offer it all – a place for the ceremony, reception, and for your guests to stay. A popular choice for millennials, hotels provide you with many different spaces, making them convenient and cost-effective; they also provide you with the bonus of keeping everyone together.

Museum/Library – if your personality suits a certain exhibit, or maybe you both met at the library – these could be the perfect wedding venue types for you. Different, unique, and fitting with your passion, these types of venues suit smaller, more intimate ceremonies, and you will have to factor in the cost of renting the venue and all of the items, i.e., chairs/tables/catering, etc.

Place of Worship – whether a church, synagogue, or mosque, you have the choice of location to hold your actual wedding ceremony. Sometimes, you may have to host your wedding reception in an alternative location if you choose to have one, so you must consider transport and accessibility.

Restaurant/Bar – some locations will allow small weddings and receptions to take place in their bar or restaurant, making them a great space if you have small numbers and you’re looking for an intimate setting.

Vineyard/Orchard – a great choice for all the wine fanatics out there. With the opportunity of beautiful pictures, you could even include small, bottled wine with your special day labelled on the bottle as favours.

Zoo/Aquarium – these spaces are often large enough to hold a large guest list, so now your favourite zoo animal can be part of your big day, even if just in a picture. These wedding venue types are truly unique and a great interactive experience for your guests.

Function Spaces/Banquet Halls – specifically built to host various events, function spaces and banquet halls can hold a range of numbers, which means you have considerable options for layout and décor.

Wedding Packages Nottinghamshire

With a range of options available, we hope we’ve provided you with a great selection and certainly food for thought.

When looking for your perfect venue, consider your budget, your guest list/numbers, location, accessibility, style, theme, the amenities and services available, and catering and food options.

Finding your perfect wedding venue starts with knowing your vision and dream for your big day.

Helping to make sure everything is perfect is the team at The Nottinghamshire.

A perfect wedding venue where you and your guests can make dreams a reality and memories that last a lifetime.

What experience do you want to create?

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