What to wear to a country club wedding

What to wear to a country club wedding
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Posted on: 07/12/2023

When the invite to a family member or friend’s wedding lands on your doorstep and you’ve checked that you can indeed make the date, you’re excited to return your RSVP, and you already have the perfect wedding gift in mind … .finally comes the question “what to wear?”

It is always good to know the etiquette for various wedding venues and the wedding you will be attending.

Ideally, you want to feel prepared, confident, and look amazing.

Country club Nottinghamshire weddings have an expected dress code, and this, matched with any special requirements from the bride and groom, can make choosing your outfit a daunting task.

To help, we’ve provided some hints and tips on what to wear to a country club wedding and what not to wear.

Nottinghamshire Weddings

For a country club wedding, you can choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony or both if you hold the ceremony outdoors and your reception indoors. Providing you with great scenery, versatile spaces, and professional event services, country clubs can make the ideal setting for your special day.

Country club weddings typically take place in formal dining or banqueting rooms, where formal attire is a set policy; however, the bride and groom still decide how formal this dress code is.

Ideally, we would advise thinking classy and elegant for country club weddings in Nottingham.

Alternatively, you could consider modest outfits for a more casual look. For example, collared shirts and long trousers but maybe no formal suit and tie?

However, it’s vital to note that shirts should never be untucked.

When it comes to footwear, only dress shoes will do. However, bear in mind that you will need comfortable footwear for the golf course and shoes that provide stability on uneven terrain.

What to wear to a country club wedding

Check your wedding invite

When thinking about your wedding guest attire, start with the information provided in the wedding invite.

Does the invitation suggest a dress code? Does it mention the country club’s potential dress code?

Most country clubs, including The Nottinghamshire, require formal attire. This includes a suit or buttoned shirt and slacks for men and an elegant/formal dress/skirt and top for female guests.

Check timings

It’s important that you check the wedding timings and if the wedding moves from a daytime reception to an evening party, as this will affect your outfit choice. For example, can you find the perfect country club wedding attire that allows you to move from formal to semi-formal without needing a full clothing change?

Check colour schemes

It is most likely that the wedding party will have a colour theme and it is always worth finding out this information, because it is always advisable to avoid wearing the same colours as the bride, groom, and bridal party.

Check what to wear to a country club-themed party

Cocktail attire for evening receptions still requires formal wear, which often means longer dresses than a classic cocktail dress, with men sporting a blazer and tie. Dark jeans are sometimes accepted for men, especially during cocktail parties between 5 pm and 8 pm.

(For further information on the best wedding entertainment, make sure to check out our latest post HERE.)

Think about ease of movement

No one wants to be uncomfortable with what they’re wearing, so it’s essential that you choose an outfit that can move freely with you, taking into account the time of year and weather conditions.

Country club wedding guest attire to avoid

Avoid wearing revealing clothes; this is not acceptable attire at a country club, and it often appears that you are trying to upstage the bride and groom, which is another area to avoid.

Avoid workout clothes such as tracksuits, sweatshirts, sweatpants, tank tops, and t-shirts – these items are all seen as inappropriate wear.

Dresses and skirts should be knee-length or longer, and bleached or torn jeans are unacceptable.

Avoid bright/vibrant colours. Typically, at country club weddings, neutral and pastel colours are the most popular choices, with darker and more vibrant colours chosen for evening activities.

If you’re in doubt over the right attire, if there is a dress code, or you’re worried about colour themes or outdoor activities (we often have couples opting for drinks on the 19th hole for example) then it is always best to ask.

Ask the bride or groom, members of the bridal party, etc, what information they have and tell them your concerns. Most bridal parties will most likely appreciate that you checked!

Nottinghamshire Weddings

Weddings at The Nottinghamshire take place in tranquil, beautifully kept, lush green fairways and greens, with interior settings adding elegance and sophistication.

All amenities are readily available, taking away the stress of organising a wedding and sourcing various vendors for all the different elements of your big day.

A golf course wedding that provides a unique and memorable experience, email general@thenottinghamshire.com to request a copy of our Nottingham wedding package today.

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