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Posted on: 27/12/2023

Wedding favours can form a big part of your wedding day. A way for the bride and groom to say thank you and show their appreciation for people coming to share their special day.

When we think of favours like this, it can place a lot of pressure on finding the right gift.

Something that people will cherish, that shows you have put thought into it, and a favour that fits with your wedding theme and your personality perfectly.

At The Nottinghamshire, we have seen various wedding favours over the years, and our events team is always more than happy to make suggestions and share stories of past experiences.

To find out more about our Nottingham wedding package, please email, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours have become increasingly creative over the years, with the bridal party putting their own stamp on gifts in a fun and memorable way.

These small tokens of appreciation should represent you both as a couple and ideally fit with your wedding theme (if you have one), and the more unique the gift, the more thought appears to have gone into it.

It is estimated that approximately 1-2% of your overall wedding budget should be allocated to wedding favours.

For those opting for a country club wedding, we do have some country club wedding favours ideas to suit your elegant and sophisticated wedding day surroundings.

Country Club Unique Wedding Favors

Country club weddings are typically stylish, sophisticated affairs set amongst lush green fairways with internal banquet halls that ooze class.

This means, in an ideal situation, your wedding favours should match this class and style.

So, what are some of the most creative, memorable, and practical wedding favours for guests:

Customised shot glasses – fitting with the theme of elegance, personalised shot glasses are extremely popular for country club weddings. Providing a fun but practical keepsake for your guests. Customising these glasses with your wedding date or Mr and Mrs creates something truly unique and memorable.

Donation to a local charity – let your guests know that you have made a donation on their behalf to a local charity or a charity close to your heart; explain your reasons, and by popping a note to your guests, they get to keep this feel-good feeling a little longer.

Monogrammed handkerchiefs – classically thoughtful, we love the style, thought, and traditionalism of this wedding favour. Include, sewn into the corner the couples’ initials, wedding date, or even a small message, makes this gift even more cherished.

Edible wedding favours – sweet treats always go down a storm, and you have so many to choose it can be difficult to decide. From personalised chocolates to gourmet cupcakes, you can even consider golf pops (cupcakes on a stick) to fit with the golf theme of the country club!

Bespoke cocktails – are you holding a cocktail hour, or maybe drinks on the 19th hole? Why not offer a free cocktail or short for all your guests, and customise these with crazy names or unique names that represent you as a couple?

Customised candles – scented candles are very feminine and show a relaxed and atmospheric approach to wedding favours, great for more intimate wedding days.

Potted plants – a little more `out of the box,` mini potted plants make every guest smile as you say thank you in a very memorable and creative way. From herbs to succulents, the pot can be customised, and your guests can take their plants home to grow – a great talking point even months down the line.

Personalised golf umbrellas – suited to more intimate weddings, personalised umbrellas are great if you’re planning some elements of your special day outside and you can’t guarantee the weather for your guests.

Artisanal cheese basket – this type of wedding favour will suit smaller Nottinghamshire weddings that take place in the cooler months; however, they make a great favour and something for your guests to snack on if they get a little peckish later on.

Local honey – sticking with the local theme and for weddings in Nottingham, is there someone who can provide local honey or jam for your guests in classy little jam jars which you can customise and personalise with your special day?

Customised golf balls and tees – with a wedding at a country club, this type of wedding favour is one of the most popular. Fun, unique, and a great thank you for your golf-loving guests.

Personalised wine bottles – to really make a bottle of wine stand out, why not personalise the label? Even better, use a local winery where you can tailor the bottles of wine to your guests.

Practical wedding favours

Whatever wedding favours you choose, make sure they reflect your interests and personality.

In addition, think about your budget, opt for something meaningful, and, where possible, make it personal.

For a perfect country club wedding set in the heart of Nottingham, call us today on 0115 933 3344 and see how we can help you make your day a day to remember.

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